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Armand Thierry

'Pasa el Tiempo'


I'm up there_2023_1.jpeg

The theme that I develop in my sculptures is based on the reflection on the dynamics of the personal, seeking the repercussions that are derived at different levels. How they influence us in our daily lives and how they shape our personality. In the sculptures I also question some of the dynamics in which we are immersed on a social level and


I wonder what the perception may be at a general level. The response I generate takes the form of visual metaphors. Sculpture has been a point of balance for me that has allowed me to continue the search for my personality and artistic language. Visual metaphors allow me to build a different world. A personal forest of different materials that reflect another reality resulting from analysis and reflection. I take care of the sculptures and work on them in each and every one of their details. For me, the message I want to convey is important in the same way as the way of doing it.


A combination, more than necessary, essential, in the same way that a text cannot present spelling mistakes or editorial errors. Currently, I work in the line of taking advantage of available resources from the combination of different waste materials applied to the sculptural carving of stone. My intention is to integrate sustainability into sculptural practice as a way of understanding the relationship with the environment.

His Art

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