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Art Madrid 2021

I have been to art fairs, huge, mind-spinning exhibition halls filled with hundreds of booths and a dizzying amount of art on display so when I arrived at the Galería de Cristal (Glass Gallery) in Madrid I didn’t know if I should yelp with glee or pout with disappointment.

What a beautiful venue to showcase art, the light and the shadows cast on the art at various times of the day added to the display of well curated art pieces.

I meandered through the glass topped structure slowly at first but picked up a bit of speed because my feet swept me straight to the art that called out to me. I visited each exhibitor's space and thought at the end, what a lovely collection of art.

A few pieces are still in my mind’s eye that I will definitely look into further. I walked away having made an acquisition of a hyper-realistic piece that will add whimsy to my home.

The cherry on-top, I got to see Viani once again, a talented artist from Barcelona who will be showing this September at RECOLETO, meeting gallerists and dealers whose passion for art and their own creative take on how they bring art to the public lends to my belief... art and creative minds inspire others.


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