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Creative Immersion at RECOLETO

Updated: May 27, 2021

We believe that the passion and energy it takes to create any and all forms of art is one and the same and that creative minds inspire others. Our Creative Immersion events showcase other genres of art.

Our premiere Creative Immersion event held on May 17th was a Culinary Art collaboration with Michelin Star Chefs, Borja Susilla and Clara Puig of Tula Restaurante in Javea, Spain.

RECOLETO was transformed into an elegant dining space. Each and every detail was considered, health & safety measures in place, a welcoming member of the RECOLETO team greeted guests and upon entering you just knew something special was about to unfold. Attentive servers offering fluted glasses filled with the most delicate bubbles while we discovered "Stolen Hugs", the exhibition on display by Spanish artist, David Segarra. Tables were perfectly set with pristine white tablecloths, beautifully arranged flowers complimenting the art on the walls and a small gift for all guests placed neatly next to each place setting. In the kitchen, if you can imagine a kitchen in an art gallery, Chef Borja and his team busily prepared the most demanded dishes from his restaurant, Tula and new dishes exclusive to the event, five perfectly prepared dishes were served. What a thrill to be able to watch Borja work in the middle of the art gallery.

The wine and service flowed under the watchful eye of Clara Puig, Borja’s partner in life and in business.

We received such a positive response from the RECOLETO community which forced us to close reservations for this Culinary Art Meets Contemporary Art Event days before.

It was a true collaboration between our exhibiting artist David Segarra as he presented his displayed work and we even caught him serving the Chef’s culinary work to eager recipients. Bodegas Hispano Suizas presented a wine pairing for each dish and worked closely with the Chefs.

Imagine, dining in a space filled with art where every detail is meticulously considered to allow for total creative immersion.

The response from our growing community was overwhelming and our team at RECOLETO are excited to share our next event with you.


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