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Event Horizon

It has been a whirlwind this last couple of weeks for us at RECOLETO with Covid vaccinations, health & safety restrictions loosening up, tourism on the rise, more people wishing to expand their horizons with different social activities and “arting” up their homes.

In our excitement, we are still very aware to provide our ever growing creative community a safe place to gather, a space to create and showcase creativity.

Still in our infancy but can’t help but be overjoyed by the positive in-house and on-line feedback we have received which is like fuel to us at RECOLETO.

We continue with our quest to discover passionately creative and talented people and to allow them to shine in our space which is precisely what we have accomplished with Belarus artist, Aleksandr Prowaliński who has traveled from his home in Warsaw, Poland to exhibit with us.

Aleksandr’s exhibition entitled, Event Horizon exhibition… the stars lined up for us all! Guests resonated with what this young artist displayed on our gallery walls. An explosion of colour with crisp, organic, layered shapes as a result of his press techniques which produced one of a kind graphic pieces of art.

There is a timeless, elegance in the print series of Event Horizon. And we got to see a sampling of Aleksandr’s neon light work that took its inspiration from the shapes and colors of his prints and photography work that, for me, references the night sky.

This large collection of work can be viewed privately at RECOLETO or in our online gallery.


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