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Gwen ROBERTS: Besos from Australia

My January 2022 Exhibition at RECOLETO is called "Cause and Effect".

I have become well acquainted with my ever changing body over the years and we have been on many adventures together. As a consequence the female form is central to my work. As I ruminate over my own feminine structure I communicate a sincere narrative of my experiences and emotions.

From birth, we occupy our very own framework of flesh and bone for the entirety of our lives. Yet we take it for granted and sometimes abuse it. I have placed unrealistic demands on my body and I’ve been critical of its aesthetic. I have been unappreciative of its daily miracles and careless with its well-being. Occasionally it has let me down and I have felt angry with it. But I am placated by its ability to function and repair itself.

Throughout the time my consciousness has inhabited my body I have gradually made peace with it. We’ve been on an emotional journey together and shared experiences. I am grateful for the pleasures it has given me. I am even contented with the way it looks. I now treasure this fleshy vessel and seek to preserve it as I become accustomed to the fact that one day I will leave it for the next adventure.


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