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Stolen Hugs

We had to put all of our excitement on hold due to the pandemic. We have finally rolled out our incredible line-up of artists for the remainder of 2021 and May’s events have begun. David Segarra’s exhibition entitled “Stolen Hugs” was and continues to be increasingly popular. Days before opening “Stolen Hugs” we could not take any more registrations to the opening and some buyers & collectors from near and far can now say they have a piece from David’s “Stolen Hugs” series which, after many years, brought David back to figurative work. It is an emotional body of work that references this time in all of our lives, due to the pandemic, the importance of touch, hugs and the time for self reflection.

David Segarra’s “Stolen Hugs” is on display until June 4, 2021. Private viewings live or video call, can be arranged via or call +34 605 503 185.


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