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What an amazing start to our exhibition season at RECOLETO

We are thrilled by the response we have received online and in our creative space next to the Mediterranean Sea.

It has been a strange time for all, it is safe to say this past year will be etched in our minds forever but we hope that there have also been positive results from being locked down and restricted due to the pandemic. For us, here at RECOLETO, we took the gift of time and used it to our advantage. With the use of technology we were able to meet wonderful artists around the world, visit their studios, see their work via video calls which is almost as good as seeing them live and in-person.

Our first exhibition was with Uruguayan artists, Guillermo García Cruz, a conceptual artist, a professor of arts, who has successfully shown his work all over the world. Guillermo had the privilege to be our first resident artist and experience the light of Spain’s Costa Blanca and the sound of the Mediterranean Sea while creating “Untitled Space V”, his exhibition at RECOLETO which ran from December 5, 2020 to January 10, 2021. Guillermo is a master of his craft and, beyond words could express, an incredible pleasure to work with and we are proud to say, he will forever be a part of the RECOLETO family…and we plan to have him back so stay tuned.

Guillermo’s “Untitled Space V” art pieces can be viewed online at ---- or to arrange for a private viewing, contact or +34 605 503 185.


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