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Ceramic / Modeling and wood carving


Pasa el Tiempo


Time passes, and when you look at what lies before you, you see the shape that 10 years have taken in your life. You realize that what you have lived has body and soul. It has form, volume, and texture. It has its own life and has emerged to become what it is: Sculptures. Everything is imprinted in a material. It has transitioned from ideas to the physical. These are fossils that bear witness to a previous life, an experience that left its mark and has made it to today. Although they may seem distant in time, they are the origin of the present. Sculptures are metaphors that tell stories that have become so important in my life that they have left their material mark. Each one contains a mystery that was frozen in time. A petrified and motionless story. Now we can contemplate it from afar and see what sparked the creative act. We see a symbol that preserves that spark that caused the explosion. It's no longer us who gaze at them from a distance. It's them who look at us. This therapeutic sculpture keeps the past at bay. It records what happened and what I was able to shape. A message in a bottle. With space and material, I have created a world. A reality where I use a language that maintains a balance between what was and what has been. Materials like stone, ceramics, and wood. Each with their own quality, charm, and uniqueness, different from all the others. I use them separately or together, and I pay attention to every detail. Most of them are reclaimed, and I've given them a second chance as sculptural supports. I consider sustainability an inherent part of my work. There's nothing wrong with being able to find in a material what they couldn't find at the time. It's a process in which you gradually see what you're looking for emerge. You transform time into something different. You reflect on a past time and adapt it to the present while analyzing its content. You relive that experience and find a solution not to the past event but to its manifestation. What you have before you are fragments of the past and the present. They respond to the personal and the reflective. I hope you enjoy it all as much as I did while giving it shape.


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