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Fondo Marino Rojo VI

5.000,00 €Price
Sales Tax Included
  • "Victor Goikoetxea's proposal is essentially a continuous challenge that transcends known techniques and the scale of the work or performance itself. His formal exploration draws from the sources of nature's biomimicry, through folds, twists and undulations that recreate illusory and dreamlike atmospheres. The transformation of matter becomes an obsession, to the point of mastering it in impossible forms and is transformed into something more spatial in the large format works, hybridising art and technology to achieve innovative textures and finishes.

    Victor Goikoetxea's material works are born from a meticulous understanding of the genius loci. His regular collaborations with architects and interior designers highlight his work as an indissoluble part of a transformative action designed for a place with the aim of creating disconcerting and unseen emotions in the observer. The Miramart tunnel in La Concha Bay, for example, recreates the artistic experience of an underwater world, and in the same vein, other of his abstract interventions on murals and ceilings aim to blur the boundaries of inhabited space and ask us questions about the true essence of the place and ourselves as observers.

    Victor Goikoetxea's entire life and artistic journey is a continuous exploration of established limits. The artist follows a path where the essences collected in each season evolve his work, introducing innovation, risk and sophistication to his proposals."    

    --- Xabier Barrutieta, architect

  • When you purchase a piece, and afterwards do not want it, we will work with you to resell the piece on consignment through the gallery. Outright returns at the end of an exhibition, or at any other time, are just not possible, mainly because by then the Artist will have been paid by us for the sale.

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