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  • I was born in Valencia in 1961 to a Spanish father and a German mother. I am a Superior Technician in Arts and Design applied to the Wall and specialist in fresco painting by the Escuela Superior de Diseño y Arte Llotja in Barcelona. I have been owner of the Gallery Le Cochon Rose in Berlin (West) and curator of exhibitions there.

    I began to link my work to the study of the creative process by researching the relationship between art, architecture and urbanism proposed by the International Architecture Exhibition Berlin 1987, IBA 87 and by my internship in a sustainable rehabilitation project of several buildings of SO 36, in the city of Berlin. In this stimulating environment I learned to work by projects, in cooperative formats and to delve into the world of both passive and pictorial construction materials. This led to several mural projects in Germany and later in Spain. He has researched on color and its relationship with architectural space. And also the links between perception and breathable paint materials such as lime and silicates.

    At the Escola LLOTJA in Barcelona, I broadened my technical knowledge of mural painting. In Barcelona, I rediscovered the Mediterranean and an atmosphere with a nounecentista influence mixed with Torres García and Mariscal-like graphics. In addition, the city was immersed in a powerful urban transformation; the Barcelona 92 Olympics.

    In 2003 I moved to Madrid and redirected my pictorial investigations towards the mental processes that can be related to the creative process. These mental processes are observable if we pay attention to how we coordinate, process, represent and manage our model of the world, to what we expand and map when we enter new territories of knowledge and representation, such as identity or landscape understood as a scenario of mental networks. And also in how we codify and organize what we have lived and experienced in order to create generative processes of knowledge or models of understanding that have to do with the pictorial differential.

    During the years 2018 to 2020 I took two courses in ceramics and mold making at EAFAC Escuela de cerámica de Madrid. In this way I continue to expand the territory of my research on creative processes. In this case incorporating the ceramic volume.

  • Artwork is non-returnable. If you purchase a work, and decide that you do not want the artwork, we can work with you to resell the piece on consignment through the gallery. However outright returns at the end of an exhibition, or at any other time, are just not possible.

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