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    Born: 1988, Montevideo, URUGUAY.

    Visual Artist

    Director at MAG, Espacio de Arte, Montevideo Uruguay.

    Professor at Universidad Catolica del Uruguay (Licenciatura en Artes Visuales)


    Selected Group and Solo Exhibitions

    2019 - JustMad Art Fair, Madrid, Solo Booth

    2019 - JustLX Art Fair, Lisboa.

    2019 - Art Lima art fair, Peru.

    2019 - Evidencias, Solo Exhibition, Espacio de Arte Contemporaneo, Montevideo

    2019 - Untitled Spaces III, Solo Exhibition, Galería Juan Risso, Madrid. 2019 - Art on Paper art fair, NY.

    2018 - Pinta Miami Art Fair, Solo Booth, Platforms Curated Sections (Curador Roc Laseca).

    2018 - Premio PAUL CEZANNE, Final Selection, Group Exhibition, EAC Museum, Montevideo, Uruguay.

    2018 - Este Arte Art Fair 2018, Punta del Este, Uruguay.

    2017 - Uruguay Contemporary Art, Group Exhibition, Tianjin Art Academy, China.

    2017 - Este Arte Art Fair 2017, Punta del Este, Uruguay.

    2016 - Temporada 22, Group Exhibition, EAC Museum, Montevideo, Uruguay.

    2016 - SERES, Group Exhibition, Centro Cultural de Mexico, Montevideo, Uruguay.

    2016 - Premio PAUL CEZANNE, Honorable Mention, Group Exhibition, EAC Museum, Montevideo, Uruguay.

    2015 - RIZZO, FOGLINO, GARCIA CRUZ, Group Exhibition, Galeria Diana Saravia, Montevideo, Uruguay.

    2015 - INVADIR SIN CONQUISTAR, Performance with Santi Senso, CCE, Montevideo, Uruguay.

    2015 - RETRATO CONTEMPORANEO, Group Exhibition, Subte Museum, Montevideo, Uruguay.

    2014 - ANDY NY Tribute Exhibition with Vicky Barranguet, New York, USA.

    2014 - Inauguracion Marte Galería de Arte, Montevideo, Uruguay.

    2014 - Galeria Diana Saravia, Embajada de Mexico, Group Exhibition, Montevideo, Uruguay.

    2014 - TALKING BACK, Solo Exhibition, Sofitel Hotel Casino Carrasco, Montevideo, Uruguay.

    2014 - Episodio 3, Group Exhibition, Pera de Goma, Montevideo Uruguay.

    2014 - GARCIA CRUZ, Solo Exhibition, Interamerican Development Bank, Washington DC, USA.

    2013 – CONVENTIONAL, Solo Exhibition, Embassy of Uruguay, Washington DC, USA.

    2013 – Arte 58, Torre 58, Montevideo, Uruguay 2013 – Revolutum, A Hispanic Heritage Exhibition, Harlem School for the Arts, New York, USA.

    2013 – Fernandez, Barranguet, Garcia Cruz, Dejavu Art and Fashion, New york, USA.

    2013 - Arty Nights, BG MOCA Internacional, Portezuelo, Uruguay.

    2012 - INMANENTE, Solo Exhibition, Diana Saravia Gallery, Montevideo, Uruguay.

    2012 – Pink Spring 2012, World Trade Center, Montevideo, Uruguay.

    2012 – Arte en Demolición II, Montevideo, Uruguay.

    2012 – Marte Invita 2012, Marte Centro Cultural, Montevideo, Uruguay.

    2011 – Arte en Demolición 2011, Montevideo, Uruguay.

    2009 – Viñetas Sueltas 2009, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

    2009 – Montevideo Comics 2009, Montevideo, Uruguay.

    2006 – Cátedra de Alicia Goyena, Montevideo, Uruguay

    2006 - Hotel San Rafael. Maldonado, Uruguay

    2005 - XXIV Salón Leonístico de Artes Plásticas de la Juventud, Biblioteca Nacional, Montevideo, Uruguay.

    2005 –Yo Diseño, Casablanca Arts Center. Montevideo, Uruguay


    2016 - Honorable Mention, Premio Paul Cezzane, Montevideo, Uruguay. 

    2011 – Honorable mention ISUSA National Painting Contest, Montevideo, Uruguay.

    2008 – 6th Prize, National Youth Painting Contest, Lions Club,Montevideo, Uruguay.

    2008 – 2nd Prize , Montevideo Comics Drawing Contest, Montevideo, Uruguay.

    2005 -  1st Prize, National Youth Drawing Contest, Lions Club,Montevideo, Uruguay.

    2005 – 1st Prize, “Knock out a las drogas” Logo Contest, organized by Uruguayan Government.

    2005 – 1st prize, Sprite Illustration Contest at Montevideo Comics 2005, Montevideo, Uruguay.

    Cultural Management and Teaching

    Taller Garcia Cruz

    Since 2013 creates TGC, Art School for young and adult students. Areas: Comics, Illustration, Drawing, Painting


    Since 2013 is the Founder and Director of MAG, Multidisciplinary Visual Arts Space ( Prado, Uruguay)


    Since 2015 works as Professor at Licenciatura de Artes Visuales (Universidad Católica del Uruguay)

  • When you purchase a piece, and afterwards do not want it, we will work with you to resell the piece on consignment through the gallery. Outright returns at the end of an exhibition, or at any other time, are just not possible, mainly because by then the Artist will have been paid by us for the sale.

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