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Broken Silent 2

5.300,00 €Precio
Impuesto incluido
  • Viani is a Spanish/Italian artist raised in Venezuela, Viani fled the country ravaged by political crisis, and settled in Barcelona, Spain in 2002.  Spain allowed him unlimited autonomy of expression through painting. Viani’s art is a loud scream of freedom and liberating gestures. “Art is the tool that frees me from political ideologies.” It unleashes in him profound sentiments of freedom and happiness. His work is deeply emotional, with every brushstroke expressing a love-anger dichotomy. These two binary opposites are revealed and beautifully reconciled by his striking choice of colour: black and white. His thick outrenoir brushstrokes characterise his paintings. His gestural works echo Abstract Expressionism. His strong application of pigment in non-representational forms have been influenced by his upbringing and difficult childhood, marred by censorship and restriction of intellectual and expressive emancipation. Viani’s artistic statement is thus an uncompromising expression of the freedom he was denied during his formative years. His work has been exhibited internationally, and is private collections around the world.

    Selected exhibitions

    2020 / Group Exhibition “Open G” Frames & Art Studio, Barcelona.

    2020 / Solo Exhibition “Las Lluvias” TTTCONDAL, Barcelona.

    2019 / Group Exhibition “H-19” Private Collector Event, Madrid.

    2019 / Solo Exhibition “Llorar” La Cobra Negra, Barcelona.

    2018 / Group Exhibition “Flash Day” S&B Art Collective, Stockholm.

    2018 / Group Exhibition “Art to the extreme” Folkets Hus, Trollhättan.

  • Artwork is non-returnable. If you purchase a work, and decide that you do not want the artwork, we can work with you to resell the piece on consignment through the gallery. However outright returns at the end of an exhibition, or at any other time, are just not possible.

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