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oil on canva




Can we take our experiences and make them something new? Can we soften the edges ofmemories, make them rounder, more delicate? Or maybe they are like a holes in our soulsthat are ment to be there in interest of changing us all the time?In this series of work Prowaliński is taking his memories and look at them from a completelynew perspective. He resigns from everything that is sharp. He is rounding the edges andrefine his painting gestures. Once again his taking elusivnes of light and transforms it intopaintings. Everything in order to create a portals to his soul. Take the viewer where neither ofthem been before.Here shapes are like vessels, they provide space that the transformation can take place.Vibrant colors lure us to lose ourselves in emotions. He transforms his expiriences in thedarkest moments of twilight. Things that were explicit are now blurry. What once was out ofreach opens a door of possibility. Contrasting emotions lie besides each other makingsurprising and alluring combinations.Memories are changing us or do we change our memories? We don't know anymore. Eachpainting is like a magic circle, sacred space where what was known is now in doubt and whohe will be is not yet defined.

X Round

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